NRC ‘worst-case-scenario’ not run, would cause ‘angst’ if Navy need move

Link to NRC FOIA document ML12052A111:

Link to BlogTalkRadio broadcast on this document:

The information contained in these screencaptures and the above document should be passed along to the men and women of our Navy, and other branches of the Armed Forces, that were stationed in or near Japan during and after the catastrophic meltdowns of March 11th, 2011. An epic cover-up revealed in the NRC FOIA documents pertaining to Fukushima (dubbed ‘Plume-Gate’ by yours truly back in March of 2012) proved US civilians were unknowingly sacrificed to the trans-Atlantic plume and fallout in an effort to save a crumbling nuclear industry. Now, in a jaw-dropping new revelation, we can see that the lives and health of our men and women in uniform, in particular those in the Navy who were stationed offshore or at port in or near Japan at the time of the meltdowns, were also sacrificed in order to keep the United States and indeed the world, from knowing the true dangers of nuclear power. ~HP

This screencapture has been deleted multiple times from this blog and it cannot be reuploaded, each time I must recapture the page and upload a new file. Perhaps it is of a sensitive nature. ~HP

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